New Generation Sewing Solution

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New Generation Sewing Solution

Textured Polyester (Synthetic Filament)

Yarns can be made of either filament or staple fibers. Filament fibers are those fibers that are long enough to be yarn by themselves, and are usually measured in yards or even miles.

Most filament fibers are synthetic fibers such as polyester. These fibers can be extruded from machines in infinite lengths. Silk is the only natural filament fiber since unraveled cocoons can yield up to 3000 yards of fiber.

Filament fibers can be monofilament, which is a single fiber, or they can be twisted together to form multifilament yarns.

This product has the advantage of producing color that is resistant to stretching, friction and chemicals.

The main applications of nylon filament yarn are innerwear, swimming wear, fishing net, sewing thread, magic tape and so on.

Textured threads are ideal for overedge, chainstitch, and coverstitch

Developed by: Binary-Yard