New Generation Sewing Solution

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certificate

New Generation Sewing Solution

Our Management

Premium Customer Service

We understand the value of our customers in regards to our long term success and growth. That is why customers are always our first priority. To stay on top of the game we provide very effective and efficient service to our valuable clients. Our qualified and experienced technical team and marketing team help us achieve this competitive advantage over other players of this industry.

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Quality Products of Simtex Group

Quality Products

We understand that quality is associated with consistency. To provide our customers with the most consistent products we acquire our raw materials from the same source. We also acquire our dyes and chemicals from renowned suppliers who are certified and noted for their commitment to provide non-hazardous dyes and chemicals. To maintain better color consistency we use the ‘data-color spectro photometer’ and Robot Operated Auto Pipetting system.

We know that the quality of the product or service we provide ultimately impacts our brand. Today we are a pioneer of sewing thread manufacturers of Bangladesh by providing premium quality products to our clients in a reasonable price frame.

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Shorter lead time

Shorter Lead Time

The proverb “Time is money” is true for every single industries. But for RMG sector Time is not only money, but time is also a basic element of survival. We understand the importance of timely delivery of goods and services for smooth operation of our customers. Through our efficient production process and our own delivery van fleet we ensure shortest lead time for our customers. We also offer urgent service to the customers in need.

Healthy Capacity to serve the market

Currently we are the largest Bangladeshi owned sewing thread manufacturer in Bangladesh. We have enormous dyeing capacity of 15 ton threads per day in our plant situated in Khagan, Birulia, Savar, Dhaka.

We moved to our current plant located at Khagan, Birulia, Savar to utilize a more sophisticated and modern facility and get improved productivity and quality. We started our commercial operation from the Savar plant in 2009. Yet again we set-up a full-fledged cotton yarn dyeing facility and increased our production capacity to double. Our growth rate in terms of both financially and production capacity wise is enormous.

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